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Postponed home loan: Has your mortgage loan file been adjourned?

When a borrower applies for a home loan, the bank will conduct a study of their situation and the financing request. For this, the borrower will have to provide a certain amount of information relating to his financial and personal situation. As the customer overdraft that will be carried out by the financial advisor, various documents will be requested to verify the feasibility of financing. The file will, therefore, be understudy, that is to say, that the advisor will consider the request of the borrower, calculate important elements such as borrowing capacity or the rest to live. Simply put, it sometimes happens that the file goes to the adjournment stage.


What is an adjournment of a home loan file?

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An adjournment of a home loan file means that it has left the study stage and that it is put on hold. This quite simply translates into the absence at the moment of a financing agreement but that a possible change of situation in a short time can make it possible to finance the mortgage. For example, a bank statement presenting a rejection can create a blockage in the financing, the broker or the bank will, therefore, propose to wait a month and the following account statement to present the file, which implies a setting adjournment. A passage in CDI or a lifting of file can also be valid reasons.


What if my file is adjourned?

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An adjournment of a file is nevertheless a positive point because it means that the file is not immediately achievable but that it has sufficient potential to be able to be funded in a few weeks or months. We must therefore remain positive in the outcome of his mortgage loan file and a large part of the files passed by the adjournment will lead to a financing agreement. However, if the borrower does not wish to wait several months and he wishes to take advantage of the current rates or then not to miss out on the property he has targeted, it is strongly advised to carry out an online simulation to find one to several other banks capable of financing the mortgage immediately.

Indeed, a file adjourned in a bank can very well be financed in another banking establishment, quite simply because each bank imposes its own criteria of financing in the offers of mortgage loan with differences in the rates, the taking into account of the borrower’s situation or in the implementation of guarantees (surety, mortgage). It is therefore strongly advised when his file is adjourned to carry out a comparative simulation of mortgage loan allowing to find a bank capable of financing the file. This process is both free and without any commitment.

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